Wire Rope Hoist

CD1/MD1 Wire Rope Hoist (also named monorail hoist) uses 1 hoisting conic motor as the lifting power, after 1st and 2nd reducer system, turn 1380 RPM to a 8m/min lifting speed. 

Capacity: 0.5t-60t 
Lifting height: 6-100m
Model CD1:  Single Lifting Speed
Model MD1: Double Lifting Speed

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FEM Wire Rope Hoist

FEM CXT Wire Rope Hoist is with an unprecedented innovation, our hoist catches up with the world’s main stream, and standing in line with the most advanced hoist products. Rope drum integrate with gear box motor lays out on the same level, therefore extremely minimum body dimension. Unique counter-wheel design maximum light the hoist dead weight.

Capacity: 1t-80t
Lift height: 6-18m
Certificate: CE

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