LH Double Girder Overhead Crane

LH Light Duty Double Girder Overhead Crane


Designing Concept

In many cases, you do not have to use a heavy duty crane, such as in a warehouse, or in a workshop where you do not often use crane, we give you a cheapter budegt solution.  The LH double girder overhead crane is the best choice.The hoist system is a wire rope hoist, and this hoist sits on a trolley.   This designing has following advantages:

■   The load capacity is bellow 50t. If more than 50t, we recommend QD winch type of crane.

■   The hoist is wire rope hoist, motor self-brake.

■   The work duty is A5, equal to 2m of European Rules.

■   The budget is only 60% of the winch type of heavy duty crane.

■   The self weight is only 50% of the winch type of heavy duty crane.  

■   The CT and LT brakes are motor self brake.

■   Could be double double speed by VVVF.


1)  Light weight steel structure

2)  End trucks can be deassemble from main beam

3)  Smooth starting and stopping

4)  Safe and reliable traveling

5)  Low noise, commodious cabin and good view

6)  Convenient maintenance, excellent exchangeability for parts and components

7)  Saves electricity

8)  Has CE certification

Safety insurance:

1. The cranes are all equipped with weight limiters, buffer, distance limit switch, voltage protection equipment, and emergency stop system and so on.

2. The equipment is controlled by central control system.

 Quality guaranty:

1. The quality of our crane would be guaranteed for one year, in this period, if any quality problem happens under correct operation, we will be responsible for repairing of replacing it for free.

2. Low charge for maintenance when warranty is expired.



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